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Getting healthy week 13

Well, I am starting to feel like a hypocrite as I am clearly not getting any healthier.  This week I gained 0.4lbs which I know isn’t that much but when you know you have weight to lose then it is more of a big deal. I really hoped I would be further along by now.

I am going to be shaking things up this week. I am changing my weigh-in day to a Sunday. My husband’s days off are Sunday and Monday and I am not blaming my husband but I find I eat more if I stay in the living room after 9 pm which I do if my husband is here. So if I weigh-in Sunday and then go over it still gives me time to turn my week around.

There are still 3 weeks in April left and I still plan on getting down to 170 in this time.

Here’s to this week!!


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Our Weekend.

Originally this weekend we were going to the Spring Fayre at my daughter’s school but she decided she didn’t want to do that. The weather was too good to stay home so we went and fed the ducks at a pond near us our wild bird food since we had loads left and our local birds weren’t eating it.

I decided I would take my camera and shoot in only black and white. (Although on checking it was on the high contrast monochrome setting) I got some beautiful picture that I feel work well and then there are others that are just lost without colours. I have included a few of my favourites.

Out feeding the ducksOut feeding the ducksOut feeding the ducksOut feeding the ducksOut feeding the ducksOut feeding the ducksOut feeding the ducksOut feeding the ducks

Then there are these poor daffodils which just loses all their power when there is no yellow.


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Getting Healthy week 12

I wasn’t going to do a post this week as I wasn’t sure I had anything to say other than my weigh in results. Which were good I lost 1.4lbs but I want to do a post each week even if it’s just for my own benefit.

I stopped tracking Saturday afternoon and haven’t logged anything since. I don’t know what happened I just felt so unmotivated this month. It has been a constant theme and one I need to change. I have been out and getting my steps but food/water have fallen by the side.

This week I HAVE to find my motivation again. My goal for April is to get down to 170lbs. That means I need to lose 5.8lbs this is achievable.

Sorry, this is such a short post but there is no point in me rambling on.


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Our Weekend.

This weekend we decided to have a walk across the Tay Road bridge to Tayport. It had been awhile since we had last done this.Firstly we went under the bridge and found the artwork hopefully you can see what they say. We also took a picture of Dundee’s lighthouse. The waterfront in Dundee is currently being worked on. They are in the process of building a new train station hotel and a V & A museum. We are very excited about the museum.

2017-03-18 15.03.55
Taken from bus looking at new V&A museum


Once we were up on the bridge Alessa loved seeing the solar system posters on the way across as this is her current favourite topic. She can actually name them all in the correct order, (pause for proud mummy moment). She also liked that the lamp posts on the bridge are numbered 1-75 so was able to count along, there are actually 150 as they are in pairs one each side of the path. We stopped to eat our lunch when we came off the bridge we had packed our own but there is a takeaway cafe here who food smelled amazing so next time we may get something from there.  

After lunch, we walked along part of Fifes coastal walk to Tayport stopping to look at the two lighthouses, visit the cemetery and play in the little park. I have only included one picture of a moss covered path from the cemetery as this one is still in use. Even when we are far from home Alessa is meeting fur babies.

Even when we are far from home Alessa is meeting fur babies and getting cuddles. We decided to get the bus back across the bridge as her legs were starting to get tired. This surprised her just how quick it was to get back to Dundee. She did like looking out the window to see the water below. Something you can’t do from the footpath. We had a lovely day and plan to do it again soon.

Off to the School Spring Fayer this weekend and then a day at home with my kids on Mothering Sunday.

How was your weekend? Do you have plans for this coming weekend?


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Getting Healthy Week 11

This weeks post is going to be a little different from previous weeks I am not going to go into detail on how my week went but focus more on what I need to do in the coming weeks.

This week I gained 0.6lbs which I completely deserve I haven’t been fully focused for the last few weeks. I have constantly overeaten and stopped drinking my water. I have managed to keep my walking up but no yoga.

For this new week, I have adjusted my calories. I had my app set up for losing 1.5lbs each week I have changed this down to 1lb per week this gives me another 200 calories each day. I will continue to aim for 10,000 steps each day. I have also bought some new fruit tea flavours as I think its still a little cold for a lot of water and this is putting me off drinking what I need.

I have 2 weeks before the schools come off here and then when they go back my husband is off for 1. My focus usually doesn’t do well during this time so I am hoping that if I have made progress before then I will be more willing to keep it up. I have 7lbs to lose to get to my first goal. I hope to have achieved that by the end of April.

I just have to remember I didn’t gain the weight overnight so it is going to take some time to break the bad habits I have. I figure as long as I am still moving forward and don’t give up I am still on the right track.

I hope you are doing better and still focused on your goal. Thank you for reading.

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Getting Healthy Week 10

This week hasn’t been consistent. One day I am doing great the next I am off plan. So here is the breakdown of my week.

Steps: This week my steps were on track I got them all them 6/7 days. Most of those days it was more than 15,000 which is fantastic. I have also done the yoga workout 4 times I plan to keep increasing this till I am doing it everyday. I have noticed my leg muscles don’t feel as tight since I started doing it. Below is a couple of pictures taken on one of my walks.


Sleep: Another good week of sleep. My body must be getting used to the more regular bedtime as on Friday I had planned on staying up and reading my book but I fell asleep and woke up with the lights still on and my kindle on the bed beside me. I have also noticed my fatigue I used to have most days before has disappeared I can’t remember the last time I had to take an afternoon nap.

Eating: This is the area that has been inconsistent. I went over my allowance 3 times this week 2 of these were within my exercise calories so I still came out on plan but Saturday I just needed cake which I baked and basically ate half of. This took my calories way over.

Water: Another disappointing week here I only hit my target 3 times. I hope I can get back on track I can only guess but I think it’s just too cold still for water. I need to figure something out because I believe being hydrated is also helping my fatigue.

Weigh-in: As I said earlier I had far too much cake this week so wasn’t expecting much from weigh-in but I managed to lose 1.8lbs. I have now lost 14.4lbs since January. I have less than 7lbs to get to my first goal. A little disappointed in myself thinking what I could have lost if I had actually said NO to cake.

This week I am going to try and stay focused. I looked back over my past weight loss journey in 2014 I was more focused then and had lost more than I have this time around. I need to make sure I am reminding myself why I am on this journey “to improve my health, ease the effects of arthritis on my joints and hopefully conceive”.

On to next week. Hopefully, you have had a good week and thank you for reading. x


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Getting Healthy Week 9

This week has been a lot better than last. I got my yoga mat out and did the routine 3 times I hope to improve on that this week. The routine I am using is only 20 minutes so no excuse to fit it into my day. On to the weekly breakdown.

Steps: I got my steps 5 days out of 7 and on a couple of them it was more than 15,000 steps. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t good for me and Alessa to go out this weekend but I did get some exercise in by repainting and freshened up our kitchen.

Sleep: This hasn’t changed I have slept between 7-9 hours each night which is enough for me. I used to find it really hard to get to sleep but since I started using a sleep app this has improved dramatically. (I have probably mentioned this before.)

Eating: My eating has been good this week. On Wednesday I was way under my allowance. I just didn’t feel hungry which is very strange for me. I went over slightly on Friday and Sunday I think this was partly because I hadn’t planned meals for the Sunday so we just had to have something that was there.

Water: This week wasn’t back where I would like it to be but was better than last. This was the one area I thought I had locked in but I am still drinking more than I was last year.

Weigh-in: I weigh 178.4lbs which basically means I have stayed the same as I was 178.8lbs last week. I was really hoping to get my 1 stone award today so I am a little disappointed. I will aim for this next week.

I won first prize in a competition on The Calorie Club’s Instagram page this week. I currently use one of their planners for logging my food so was delighted to win one of their new planners which have an exercise plan included. I may move into it this week to help with my focus. The prize also included a water infusing drink bottle so I have bought some frozen berries and a couple of lemons to star using it.There is a picture of the full prize on my Instagram.This week I need to make sure I am measuring everything I tend to guess the portion size of some foods so that will be this week’s challenge along with steps and yoga.

This week I need to make sure I am measuring everything I tend to guess the portion size of some foods and logging my cups of tea (which I have a lot of) so that will be this week’s challenge along with steps and yoga.

This week’s word will be FOCUS!


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Getting Healthy Week 8

Welcome to another weekly update. This week if I am truly honest I made a lot of excuses and didn’t try as hard as I should have. I made a lot of excuses to myself over not going out and getting my steps. From the weather/temperature to having to wait in on a parcel even though it came first thing. So I have come up with a plan of action. I drew up a monthly exercise tracker where I will colour part of the square if I have done 10,000+ steps and the top of the square if I have done yoga.I have found a 20-minute beginners routine on Youtube that I am going to do. My mat arrived at the start of the week and I put it straight into a cupboard. WHY??? 

Yoga mat March challenge.JPG

Steps: This week my steps a have been low on 3 days this week I didn’t even make the 10,000 and the other days it was in the 14,000 range.

Sleep: This is unchanged I got more than 7.30 hours each night. Which is enough for me.

Eating: This usually ties in with my steps I had two days this week where I went over my calories by 100 calories. This might not seem much but there was no reason for it other than lack of self-discipline.

Water: This is the area I feel I let myself down the most in 3 days this week I never complete all my water. I will be more proactive in drinking it this week. It is hard to drink water when you are cold so have added fruit teas to this weeks food shop. Hopefully, as we are about to enter March the weather will warm.

Weigh-in: I am not expecting much due to a poor performance on my part. Well weigh-in was a shock I some how managed to lose 2lbs this week. This means I am only 8lbs away from my first goal of 170lbs. 

This week I am going to concentrate on getting 10,000 steps and doing the yoga video. Also getting all my water and sticking to calories. I am looking forward to March finding my focus again and getting out in the spring air. How is your week going? 

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Our Saturday.

This Saturday I asked Alessa what she wanted to do, “go to the beach” she replied. I explained it would be very cold but she insisted that was what we should do. We wrapped up warm and headed out for the day.

As expected it was cold and windy but we still had a lovely time. We started on the rock beach where she threw some rocks into the water. The tidy was in here which meant she didn’t have to walk far.It’s not easy to walk on these stones.  We then head to the sand beach which was pretty empty with the exception of a few dog walkers. The tide was quite far out at this part of the beach by the time we got there. Alessa ran around on the sand collecting shells as she went that she brought home.  Once she had finished exploring here we headed into the nature reserve and onto the rock garden. There were a lot of pretty flowers here that I was just had to take some pictures of, I don’t know why but I am always surprised to see flowers in the winter.  Although it wasn’t your typical beach weather we had a lovely day out.

Although it wasn’t your typical beach weather we had a lovely day out. I have included some pictures below. How was your Saturday?

I wonder where Alessa will decide we are going this weekend. I don’t think it will be any warmer as I am writing this it is snowing outside.


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Getting Healthy Week 7

This week got off great I felt energised after last weeks weight loss. I was focused and planned in some cake for my birthday that was on Wednesday. I was also given some sweets as gifts which in the past I would have eaten that same day, this year I had a couple that I worked into my day and put the rest away in fact they are still in the cupboard. I have had take way food twice this week too but both days were planned.

Saturday was the day where it could have all gone horribly wrong. I went out for the day with my daughter and didn’t pack lunch for me and by the time we found somewhere to get something my fatigue was kicking in and will power weakening. I bought prepacked sausage rolls and mini doughnuts, I also bought a chocolate trifle to eat once we were home. Once we were home I had a cup of tea and relaxed caught up on the water I had missed. This allowed me to focus again I ended up having a bowl of cereal for tea (trifle is still in the fridge on Monday as I write this but will not make it into Tuesday) I didn’t go over calories. Lesson learned from this make sure I drink my water my body is looking for it now and pack lunch to take with me.

Steps: This week I put my goal back to 13,000 and hit this target all but one day which I am happy with. The weather is also improving here so that will make walking easier and give me more motivation to get outside. This week I took a walk in the countryside near where I live where I saw my first Snowdrops of the year. I also saw sheep. On Saturday Alessa and I went to the beach but I will put those pictures up in a later post.

Sleep: This been a bit up and down this week no idea why. My Fitbit shows I have woken more times in the night this week and been quite restless. Hopefully, it will settle back down this week.

Eating: I was under calories all days except Friday when I just crept over not going to worry about that too much. I do think I am eating too much sugar. My afternoon snacks tend to be biscuits or sweet so this is something I plan on looking at this week.

Water: As I mentioned earlier there was a slight issue Saturday but I did manage to get my water each day. I just need to make sure I am spacing it out properly and not forgetting to drink it when I am out for walks.

Weigh-in: As always I am writing this before I have weighed so I have no idea what the scales will show. Now for the weigh-in. This week I lost 0.2lbs I would have liked more but a loss is a loss.

I think this week has been good overall since we had Valentines Day and my birthday and my wobble on Saturday.   Now to focus for on week. Last weigh-in of February.