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Getting Healthy Week 25

The whole point of these blog post was that I was getting myself healthy but I have realised in the last couple of days that I had done something that was counterproductive to that. I came off my medication.

Arthritis doesn’t have a cure it’s just managed with medication and good habits.

At the end of last week, I started feeling very fatigued and a bit ache so I googled my symptoms added in my arthritis. Turns out that as my joints get inflamed (which sometimes I can’t see) they give off a chemical that causes my body to become fatigued and by not taking my medication I was aggravating my body. So I am now back on my tablets.

The 2nd thing that happened is last week I gained most of what I had lost for this month. I am annoyed with myself because it could have been prevented if I had told myself I cured my arthritis. (insert facepalm)

On to this weeks weigh-in, I wasn’t expecting a loss but I did actually get one. This week I lost 1.2lbs. My total loss for this month is 2.2lbs which is nowhere as good as I was hoping for but it still means I end the month weighing less than I started so that’s still a plus.

The plan for the coming month is I have moved from Nutracheck to Myfitnesspal I feel I need the social interaction I can get there and it’s free. I am going to keep taking my tablets and get out for steps. I also need to get back drinking water as this too helps with the fatigue and joints. The main thing is not to mess with what works taking my medication eating less drinking and moving more.

With regards to the #walkingallovercancer challenge, although there are days I didn’t hit my goal, I am still on track to finish with the right amount of steps. Being completely honest I am disappointed by this but I still plan to finish the challenge. If you would like to donate click on the hashtag above and that will take you to my donation page.

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Getting healthy week 23

This week has been all over the place. I have had a few things on my mind which I won’t go into now so I  haven’t been completely focused on what I was eating.

I’m not expecting to lose anything this week as I have gone over my calories on 3 occasions. I have managed my water and steps every day so hopefully, that will mean I won’t have gained. The weather here has been dreadful all week so I am glad that I signed up for the Cancer Research Challenge because I probably would have used the weather as an excuse to stay home.

So this weeks weigh-in came as a bit of a shocker. I lost 2.2lbs! How? I have no idea but very happy with that. I’m so close to having a BMI of under 30 which would take me out of the obese category and into overweight.

2017-06-12 03.27.55

Today I bought myself 2 pairs of shorts. This is something I haven’t worn since I was in school. I don’t know if I will wear them in public just yet might have to start with in the garden and build up my confidence. Hopefully, we will get some sun so I can use them. Might even post a picture on my Instagram when I do.

I should (fingers crossed) be in a better place mentally next week so able to focus on my journey. As always here is the link to my #walkingallovercancer donation page.

How are you doing? Are you moving forward with your goals whatever they may be?

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Getting healthy​ week 22

I did it again I went MIA I apologise I haven’t fallen off the waggon I just haven’t been making blogging a priority which it should be. It’s one post per week occasionally two how hard can it be?

Anyway, let’s get on with how it’s been going. Week 20 I lost 1.5lbs but week 21 I gained 1lb. Completely my own fault I tampered about with my calories and discovered it didn’t work so back to normal this week.

This week was also the start of the #walkingallovercancer challenge so I have made an effort to get out there and get them. This week has gone really well all water has been drunk and under calories every day except one when I went over by 99 but that gets countered by my exercise although I don’t want to make a habit of that.

I have been drinking a lot more fruit tea. I am really enjoying the Tetley Super Fruit Boost tea in blueberry and raspberry. I don’t think it gives me an energy boost but I like to have a cup when I come back from my walk to rehydrate myself.

On to the weigh-in can I get back into the 160’s? Well, that would be yes!! I weighed in at 168lbs (12 stone) so this week I lost 2.4lbs. Total loss since January is 23lbs.

A plus side of losing the weight is I have taken myself off my Naproxen which I was taken twice a day for my arthritis. I read the instructions on the packaging and it had said to take when required so that is what I am going to do from now on. I would have to come off it if I conceived anyway. I also read that some fertility doctors believe it can interfere with conception now I don’t know if this is completely true but if I don’t need the medication there is no point in taking it.

Hopefully, next week is another good week.

I have included the link to my donation page below if you would like to make one. Doesn’t matter how much. Donate what you can afford.


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Getting Healthy Week 19

Let me start by saying this week the weather has been amazing. So I have enjoyed getting out and walking.

I hit my walking target every day during the week. I even won a weekly challenge on Fitbit, 11 pm I had done 98,000 steps. On Saturday I missed my target by 180 steps which really annoyed me as 11 pm I decided I wanted to complete my step goal so was marching on the spot to get the 3,000 I needed but I ran out of time. Sunday I only did 6,000 steps but I’m OK with that. Next month I won’t be so lenient on myself as I want to get the 10,000 everyday for #walkingallovercancer the link to my donation page will be at the end of this post.

Eating went OK this week on Wednesday we had sent out for Chinese which put me over and used all the calories I had earned from exercise and a few more. Then on Thursday I had more than a few squares of the new Cadbury Taste chocolate FYI the calories in 3 squares is not worth the chocolate it’s just under 200. I had eaten 9 squares before I check. (putting it down to hormones) I was still under calories for the day but used alot of chocolate. The rest of my week went well.

I am now back on track with drinking my water. I have switched out some of the tea I drink for fruit teas which I am enjoying. In fact today at Tesco I bought myself a beautiful mug to help encourage me.

New mug Tesco Now it’s time for weigh-in. This week I lost 1lb. I have now lost a total of 20lbs. I have adjusted my heals in my apps to start working on the next 20lbs. The Nutracheck app tells me I can reach this goal by July if I stick to plan. I am certainly going to try.

I have decided to include my before and during pictures in this post and the change in cardio fitness improvements there’s not a massive difference but still moving in the right direction. It’s time to start looking forward and celebrating how far I have come.

Laurasarahdoll Nutracheck Day 1
6th January 2017 191lbs



Laurasarahdoll Nutracheck 20lbs lost
15th Mat 2017 171lb


Laurasarahdoll Fitbit Cardio fitness improvement
Cardio Fitness

Now to concentrate on the next 20lbs.

Don’t forget I am taking part in #walkingallovercancer and you can donate here.

How is your week going?

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Getting Healthy week 18

Cactus FlowerSo your probably thinking wait where is week 17?

Well, I just wasn’t focused at all and then I stayed the same so didn’t feel like droning on about how I need to focus.

This week to be fair hasn’t been any better. I have managed my step goal each day this week but as far as food and water go at hardly tracked. The middle of the week I felt so low that my husband was concerned. I think it was a combination of several things the ttcing, my arthritis and I had someone ask if we planned on having any more kids? This is always a hard question because obviously, we’re not close enough for me to give the whole health update so I find myself saying no. Then I feel guilty because that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you are ttcing how do you deal with these questions?

This week I weighed in at 172lbs which was completely unexpected. That takes my loss to 19lbs. A little closer to posting the progress pictures 1lbs and then I will be able to take the new pictures and start working on the next 20lbs.

I am finding it hard to stay motivated so when I saw the new Cancer Research advert walk 10,000 steps every day in June and raise money for them I thought fantastic this will help motivate me and I will be helping others who needed it. I will leave a link to my fundraising page at the end of this post and every post after this until the challenge has ended. During June I will share my Fitbit steps on my social media accounts.

Now to concentrate on the next 3 weeks before the challenge starts. Hubby is back at work and schools are back so I can return to my routine of walking first thing after dropping my daughter at school. I bought myself a bum bag thing for my phone to go in while I am walking so that when the weather is good I don’t have to carry my phone in my hand and won’t distract me with emails/Instagram notifications.

The schools come off the end of June which is about 7 weeks away so if I focus on my goals I could make a good start on the other 20lbs.

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Getting Healthy Week 16

This week my husband was on holiday. We did plenty of walking, in fact, my step count was higher than its been in a long time but we also ate out a lot this week. So before stepping on the scale, I told myself I would be happy with whatever number it had to show as we have had a lovely week. We don’t often get to spend so much one on one time.

It turns out I stayed the same this week which as I said I am happy with we need to be able to allow ourselves to enjoy life too. This week everyone is back to their normal routine which means I am back to being by myself most days it’s a good job I don’t mind my own company.

If this week has shown me anything it’s that I am capable of doing more steps. I was doing around 20,000 steps a day this week. I used to get this kind of numbers when I got my first Fitbit so I plan on improving my step count this week. My water this week was rubbish and I have noticed the weeks where I don’t drink enough are reflected in my weigh-in so I need to make this more of a habit.

I don’t think I will get to 170 lbs this month as there is only one more weigh-in and I would need to lose 3 lbs but I am going to give it my all this week and get as good a number as I can. I have my food journal all planned out ready for filling in. So this week its back to basics no assuming I know the portion size or calorie count.

I took before pictures back in January but don’t want to share them until I can compare them with a 21 lbs loss. So I will hold onto them a little longer and share a photo from one of our walks this week. My son wasn’t with us that’s teenagers for you don’t want to be seen with the parents.

How is your journey going?

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Getting Healthy Week 14

This was the first week of my daughters holidays and it went really well with regards to staying on track.

I was under calories all week. I tried to be very conscious of what I was eating as I knew I wouldn’t get as many steps in as I would normally. I was averaging about 8,000 per day. I also managed to drink all my water every day.

I mentioned last week that I was moving my weigh-in to the Sunday as this would work better for me. My blog post will still go up on a Monday evening. This week’s weigh-in results are I lost 2.2lbs which I am very happy about this means I am174 lbs and have 4lbs to lose to reach my first goal. This number is still very doable in April as I still have 3 more weigh-ins.

Last month I started doing yoga and unfortunately, I gave up half way through. I do plan to start again as I feel it was helping my joints.

I am currently on the hunt to find some inexpensive trainer that my insoles will fit in. So far I am not having much luck. They all seem to have some issue that means they don’t work for my needs.I can’t have them to soft or too structured. They can;t have memory foam on inside and the need to come far enough up my ankle so that once my insole is in they stay on my foot. If you have any suggestions leave them in the comments below.

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Getting healthy week 13

Well, I am starting to feel like a hypocrite as I am clearly not getting any healthier.  This week I gained 0.4lbs which I know isn’t that much but when you know you have weight to lose then it is more of a big deal. I really hoped I would be further along by now.

I am going to be shaking things up this week. I am changing my weigh-in day to a Sunday. My husband’s days off are Sunday and Monday and I am not blaming my husband but I find I eat more if I stay in the living room after 9 pm which I do if my husband is here. So if I weigh-in Sunday and then go over it still gives me time to turn my week around.

There are still 3 weeks in April left and I still plan on getting down to 170 in this time.

Here’s to this week!!


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Getting Healthy week 12

I wasn’t going to do a post this week as I wasn’t sure I had anything to say other than my weigh in results. Which were good I lost 1.4lbs but I want to do a post each week even if it’s just for my own benefit.

I stopped tracking Saturday afternoon and haven’t logged anything since. I don’t know what happened I just felt so unmotivated this month. It has been a constant theme and one I need to change. I have been out and getting my steps but food/water have fallen by the side.

This week I HAVE to find my motivation again. My goal for April is to get down to 170lbs. That means I need to lose 5.8lbs this is achievable.

Sorry, this is such a short post but there is no point in me rambling on.


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Getting Healthy Week 11

This weeks post is going to be a little different from previous weeks I am not going to go into detail on how my week went but focus more on what I need to do in the coming weeks.

This week I gained 0.6lbs which I completely deserve I haven’t been fully focused for the last few weeks. I have constantly overeaten and stopped drinking my water. I have managed to keep my walking up but no yoga.

For this new week, I have adjusted my calories. I had my app set up for losing 1.5lbs each week I have changed this down to 1lb per week this gives me another 200 calories each day. I will continue to aim for 10,000 steps each day. I have also bought some new fruit tea flavours as I think its still a little cold for a lot of water and this is putting me off drinking what I need.

I have 2 weeks before the schools come off here and then when they go back my husband is off for 1. My focus usually doesn’t do well during this time so I am hoping that if I have made progress before then I will be more willing to keep it up. I have 7lbs to lose to get to my first goal. I hope to have achieved that by the end of April.

I just have to remember I didn’t gain the weight overnight so it is going to take some time to break the bad habits I have. I figure as long as I am still moving forward and don’t give up I am still on the right track.

I hope you are doing better and still focused on your goal. Thank you for reading.