Getting Healthy Week 25

The whole point of these blog post was that I was getting myself healthy but I have realised in the last couple of days that I had done something that was counterproductive to that. I came off my medication.

Arthritis doesn’t have a cure it’s just managed with medication and good habits.

At the end of last week, I started feeling very fatigued and a bit ache so I googled my symptoms added in my arthritis. Turns out that as my joints get inflamed (which sometimes I can’t see) they give off a chemical that causes my body to become fatigued and by not taking my medication I was aggravating my body. So I am now back on my tablets.

The 2nd thing that happened is last week I gained most of what I had lost for this month. I am annoyed with myself because it could have been prevented if I had told myself I cured my arthritis. (insert facepalm)

On to this weeks weigh-in, I wasn’t expecting a loss but I did actually get one. This week I lost 1.2lbs. My total loss for this month is 2.2lbs which is nowhere as good as I was hoping for but it still means I end the month weighing less than I started so that’s still a plus.

The plan for the coming month is I have moved from Nutracheck to Myfitnesspal I feel I need the social interaction I can get there and it’s free. I am going to keep taking my tablets and get out for steps. I also need to get back drinking water as this too helps with the fatigue and joints. The main thing is not to mess with what works taking my medication eating less drinking and moving more.

With regards to the #walkingallovercancer challenge, although there are days I didn’t hit my goal, I am still on track to finish with the right amount of steps. Being completely honest I am disappointed by this but I still plan to finish the challenge. If you would like to donate click on the hashtag above and that will take you to my donation page.


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