Dundee Museum of Transport (DMofT) 

This weekend we visited our local transport museum. Alessa and I have been previously but my husband hadn’t so we decided it would be a nice place to go since the weather hasn’t been that great.

There are some beautiful cars here and old buses.

DMofT (1)DMofT (2)DMofT (3)DMofT (4)DMofT (5)DMofT (6)DMofT (7)DMofT (8)DMofT (9)DMofT (10)DMofT (11)DMofT (12)DMofT (13)DMofT (14)DMofT (15)DMofT (16)DMofT (17)DMofT (18)

We had a lot of fun exploring. I would definitely recommend visiting if you’re in Dundee and looking for an affordable day out. Kids aged 5-15 are £2 and adults are £4. They also have a cafe here which we didn’t stop in on this occasion maybe next time.

This is their website where you can find information and pricing.


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