Open day at the Botanical Gardens. 

A couple of weekends back we went to our local botanical gardens for their annual open day. Alessa has enjoyed this in previous years and this year didn’t disappoint.

When we arrived there was quite a long queue at the face painting which is where Alessa had wanted to go first so we decided we would look around the rest of the gardens and come back later, this turned out to be a good idea as it rained on and off all day.

They had a trail to find certain trees within the park and other to find stickers that were plants of interest. Alessa loves anything that is like a treasure hunt. We found all the trees and plants her favourite is the eucalyptus tree she absolutely loves the smell and the fact that koalas eat it.

We then went to see the birds of prey, unfortunately, we couldn’t get all that close as it was very busy and it also meant I was unable to get good photographs of them as I don’t like having other people’s children in my pictures if I plan to include them in a blog post.

After here we headed to the craft tent which wasn’t as good as in previous years but there was a man with his bee’s talking about conserving them which we all should try to do. Now it was time for face painting Alessa decided on a butterfly and surprised the lady doing it by insisting on it being done in green. She will happily wear pink but given the choice green always wins.

Botanical Gardens Dundee

The final part of the gardens is the green house past the indoor pond with the giant lilypads. There are some huge cactus plants in here too. When you came out the other side there was the opportunity for the children to plant a marigold to take home. We also bought a couple of plants to bring home. Botanical Gardens Dundee

Now no good day out would is complete without an ice lolly.

Botanical Gardens Dundee


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