Getting Healthy Week 10

This week hasn’t been consistent. One day I am doing great the next I am off plan. So here is the breakdown of my week.

Steps: This week my steps were on track I got them all them 6/7 days. Most of those days it was more than 15,000 which is fantastic. I have also done the yoga workout 4 times I plan to keep increasing this till I am doing it everyday. I have noticed my leg muscles don’t feel as tight since I started doing it. Below is a couple of pictures taken on one of my walks.


Sleep: Another good week of sleep. My body must be getting used to the more regular bedtime as on Friday I had planned on staying up and reading my book but I fell asleep and woke up with the lights still on and my kindle on the bed beside me. I have also noticed my fatigue I used to have most days before has disappeared I can’t remember the last time I had to take an afternoon nap.

Eating: This is the area that has been inconsistent. I went over my allowance 3 times this week 2 of these were within my exercise calories so I still came out on plan but Saturday I just needed cake which I baked and basically ate half of. This took my calories way over.

Water: Another disappointing week here I only hit my target 3 times. I hope I can get back on track I can only guess but I think it’s just too cold still for water. I need to figure something out because I believe being hydrated is also helping my fatigue.

Weigh-in: As I said earlier I had far too much cake this week so wasn’t expecting much from weigh-in but I managed to lose 1.8lbs. I have now lost 14.4lbs since January. I have less than 7lbs to get to my first goal. A little disappointed in myself thinking what I could have lost if I had actually said NO to cake.

This week I am going to try and stay focused. I looked back over my past weight loss journey in 2014 I was more focused then and had lost more than I have this time around. I need to make sure I am reminding myself why I am on this journey “to improve my health, ease the effects of arthritis on my joints and hopefully conceive”.

On to next week. Hopefully, you have had a good week and thank you for reading. x



2 thoughts on “Getting Healthy Week 10

  1. Well done on this week’s loss. It’s still really good. I’m a firm believer in having a little treat every now and then because it prevents a complete breakdown and a binge. One day off plan is not bad at all.

    1. Thank you. I just need to work on making my one day of plan not so far off. I am going to look for a healthier cake recipe this week that I can make as a treat without it being just butter and sugar. ☺

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