Getting Healthy Week 8

Welcome to another weekly update. This week if I am truly honest I made a lot of excuses and didn’t try as hard as I should have. I made a lot of excuses to myself over not going out and getting my steps. From the weather/temperature to having to wait in on a parcel even though it came first thing. So I have come up with a plan of action. I drew up a monthly exercise tracker where I will colour part of the square if I have done 10,000+ steps and the top of the square if I have done yoga.I have found a 20-minute beginners routine on Youtube that I am going to do. My mat arrived at the start of the week and I put it straight into a cupboard. WHY??? 

Yoga mat March challenge.JPG

Steps: This week my steps a have been low on 3 days this week I didn’t even make the 10,000 and the other days it was in the 14,000 range.

Sleep: This is unchanged I got more than 7.30 hours each night. Which is enough for me.

Eating: This usually ties in with my steps I had two days this week where I went over my calories by 100 calories. This might not seem much but there was no reason for it other than lack of self-discipline.

Water: This is the area I feel I let myself down the most in 3 days this week I never complete all my water. I will be more proactive in drinking it this week. It is hard to drink water when you are cold so have added fruit teas to this weeks food shop. Hopefully, as we are about to enter March the weather will warm.

Weigh-in: I am not expecting much due to a poor performance on my part. Well weigh-in was a shock I some how managed to lose 2lbs this week. This means I am only 8lbs away from my first goal of 170lbs. 

This week I am going to concentrate on getting 10,000 steps and doing the yoga video. Also getting all my water and sticking to calories. I am looking forward to March finding my focus again and getting out in the spring air. How is your week going? 


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