Getting Healthy Week 7

This week got off great I felt energised after last weeks weight loss. I was focused and planned in some cake for my birthday that was on Wednesday. I was also given some sweets as gifts which in the past I would have eaten that same day, this year I had a couple that I worked into my day and put the rest away in fact they are still in the cupboard. I have had take way food twice this week too but both days were planned.

Saturday was the day where it could have all gone horribly wrong. I went out for the day with my daughter and didn’t pack lunch for me and by the time we found somewhere to get something my fatigue was kicking in and will power weakening. I bought prepacked sausage rolls and mini doughnuts, I also bought a chocolate trifle to eat once we were home. Once we were home I had a cup of tea and relaxed caught up on the water I had missed. This allowed me to focus again I ended up having a bowl of cereal for tea (trifle is still in the fridge on Monday as I write this but will not make it into Tuesday) I didn’t go over calories. Lesson learned from this make sure I drink my water my body is looking for it now and pack lunch to take with me.

Steps: This week I put my goal back to 13,000 and hit this target all but one day which I am happy with. The weather is also improving here so that will make walking easier and give me more motivation to get outside. This week I took a walk in the countryside near where I live where I saw my first Snowdrops of the year. I also saw sheep. On Saturday Alessa and I went to the beach but I will put those pictures up in a later post.

Sleep: This been a bit up and down this week no idea why. My Fitbit shows I have woken more times in the night this week and been quite restless. Hopefully, it will settle back down this week.

Eating: I was under calories all days except Friday when I just crept over not going to worry about that too much. I do think I am eating too much sugar. My afternoon snacks tend to be biscuits or sweet so this is something I plan on looking at this week.

Water: As I mentioned earlier there was a slight issue Saturday but I did manage to get my water each day. I just need to make sure I am spacing it out properly and not forgetting to drink it when I am out for walks.

Weigh-in: As always I am writing this before I have weighed so I have no idea what the scales will show. Now for the weigh-in. This week I lost 0.2lbs I would have liked more but a loss is a loss.

I think this week has been good overall since we had Valentines Day and my birthday and my wobble on Saturday.   Now to focus for on week. Last weigh-in of February.


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