Getting Healthy Week 6

This week I went off plan and stopped tracking I think this may due to the fact that this week 2 years ago we found out we were having a missed miscarriage.  Thank you for the reminder Timehop (not that I needed it).

I am also on a medication that isn’t suitable if pregnant.  When I picked up my prescription there was a note to contact my doctor.  So I did.  He basically said he want to check I wasn’t pregnant and still taking tablets. I politely informed him that I was aware of the issues with the medication and would stop but that the reminders every couple of months weren’t helping.  He has agreed to leave it to me to be responsible and come off if needed.

So this week hasn’t gone well but I’m not going to beat myself up about it.  I will probably have another wobble the first week of March as that is when it was confirmed I was no longer pregnant. Hopefully, I can plan ahead and be prepare in case it does happen.

Steps: They have been poor this week compared to the rest of the year but not as bad as I was last year.  I had increased my goal to 15,000 but forgot it was half term here so that wasn’t going to be achievable.  I will keep the same goal for next week as schools are back.

Sleep: Sleep has been much the same as previous weeks.  So no changes here.

Eating: This is where this week’s biggest problems were.  I ate my feeling on Friday with a chocolate cake that I baked this continued into Saturday where I didn’t track at all.  Sunday I improved but it was more a case of too little too late.  I am OK as I know why it happened and that is half the battle.

Water: This is the one I am most disappointed with I have drunk every glass I am meant to for over 1 month and on Saturday I failed to get them all.

Weigh-in: After how poor my week was I was expecting to gain so I was completely shocked to see I lost 2lbs. How? I have no idea, but it will be my motivation for next week.

I found this printable Pinterest and have printed it off to colour each weigh-in. I have now completed one. Now to focus on a second one.

Plans for next week don’t undo this week’s weigh-in.

Hope your week is going well.


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