Getting healthy week 5

Woo hoo!! I made it into February I believe that last week is the point where the buzz of the New Year resolution wears off.

This week I have felt really positive. I think in part it was because I got my 7lbs award which I have displayed on my fridge. At the point of writing this, I haven’t weighed myself.  So let’s get on and see how the week has been.

On Thursday I had a peaceful and reflective walk around the local cemetery. I take my camera along because some of the older stones are so detailed and the trees are always to atmospheric. I have added a couple of pictures. Anyone else like walking around theirs?

Then on Saturday my daughter, I went to our local forest the weather wasn’t great but we made the most of it. We have been here quite a few times in the past but there were a few area’s we had never seen so decided to go exploring. We plan to return on a drier day as it was quite muddy which did hamper our exploring.

So let’s get on and see how the week has been.

Steps: I hit my step goal of 13,000 every day this week with the exception of Sunday which I had a day at home a relaxed. I am going to increase my step goal again tomorrow to 15,000 and aim for 6/7 days at goal.

Sleep: This has been really good I am getting into the habit of going to be at 11 pm on school nights and listening to a meditation on the Relax Melody app. I find the full body scan which is 15 minutes long is all it takes and I out like a light. I bought this app years ago and since then its had som major updates which have improved it dramatically.

Eating: This is the area I am most pleased with this week I stayed within my calories every day this week. In previous weeks I have had days where I have either went slightly over or even way over, but this week I have tracked what I am about to eat before I eat it. If I know what we are having for lunch or tea I add them at the start of the day that way I can plan snacks around them. I plan to keep this up this week.

Water: This is still going great I find the app reminder really helps. I also have started having a glass of water on my bedside at night so that before I even get out of bed I can have a drink. I don’t plan on making any changes here.

Weigh-in: Now let’s see if the scales reflect my work. If not I will be ok with that as I have made some good changes which will help me proceed forward. I lost 1lbs this week taking to 183lbs. I would like to be out of the 180’s by the end of February so that is what I am working towards.

How has your week been? Are you still moving forward?




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