Getting Healthy Week 4

This week started really well. Then my daughter became unwell which meant staying home for two days this then resulted in me snacking and not tracking properly. Saturday I caught her cold too and I basically threw the towel in.

Steps: I increased my goal to 13,000 but only achieved it 4/7 days so will be leaving this alone and trying to accomplish it at least 6/7 days before I increase it. I hope to start getting my steps before lunch on the days my daughter is at school. Which would mean I won’t have to pace the floor in the evenings. I have also ordered Lorraine Kellys Walk the pounds off DVD for days when I can’t get out for whatever reason.

Sleep: Sleep wasn’t too bad this week Thursday night wasn’t good since my daughter was coughing most of it and Saturday because I was now coughing too.

Eating: As I already mentioned this wasn’t great 3 days I was over my calories. I have also noticed that the snack column of my food journal contains a lot of items. So next week I am only going to allow 300 total for snacks per day. Hopefully, this will help cut back on the amount I eat and spread my calories out better.

Water: I have drunk all my water this week but have still felt thirsty due to the cold. I plan to keep this up next week.

Weigh-in: This week I lost 0.6lbs taking my total loss for January to 7lbs. I am very happy with this. I am headed in the right direction and would rather a little each week if it means it stays off.

How has your week been?


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