Getting healthy week 2

Digital Camera
This is a picture of me taken by my daughter.

So week 2 is done. It hasn’t been as easy as I would like but then if it was easy I would have done it ages as ago and stuck to it. As long as I keep moving forward I will be happy.

Steps this week I got my 10,000 5 out of 7 days. Saturday the ground was very slippery as we had some snow the day before and it had now turned to ice. Sunday I don’t have any reason why I didn’t get my steps.

Sleep this week has been between 6-8 hours. This is down to staying up later because my husband has been on holiday (he works nights) I am also finding it hard to share the bed again.

Eating and tracking have been ok but not great. Friday night I stopped logging I believe this was the day the extra birthday cake disappeared inside my mouth. Saturday I didn’t track at all. The days I did track I was within my calories.

I drank all of my water 5 out of 7 days. I am happy with that as before I wasn’t drinking any.

Next week my husband returns to work so I will be by myself during the day. I plan on trying to increase my steps at least during the week. Then if I can’t get them all at the weekend it will balance out.

Food I have planned out all our evening meals and don’t tend to snack during the day. Also with my husband being back at work it will mean that I go through to my bedroom at 9pm so won’t snack much in the evening.

Sleep should also improve (hopefully) as the bed will be all mine again.

Now for the weigh-in. This week the number on the scale is 186.2lbs which means I have lost 1.8lbs this week. Really pleased with this.  Now onto next week.  

How has your week been leave me a comment letting me know? 

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