Getting healthy 2017


In previous years I have done a goals post at the start of January but this year I didn’t see any point as they would be the same goals as last year. Which were lose weight, get pregnant and to read more. The reading I have managed but would like to increase. With regards to weight, I actually weigh more now than I did this time last year. With regards to conception, we have had tests done which came back as unexplained infertility. I have since found out that my arthritis and medication this can slow down conception. I also have 1 fallopian tube and am the wrong side of 35. None of the previously mentioned things can be changed but my weight can so I am going to focus on that. If I still don’t get pregnant then at least it will ease strain on my joints.

So this was my first week eating better and walking more. I am using the Nutracheck app I believe I pay £3 per month for mobile app but feel it works better than Myfitnesspal as it is UK based they also sync with Fitbit. I am eating 1700 calories and trying to walk at least 10,000 steps each day.

This week has gone well and I haven’t been grazing constantly during the day. I have also managed to get my steps in. I have had one day where I didn’t get my step goal but it was still a dramatic improvement in previous weeks. Actually, for a long time, my Fitbit had become jewellery. This week I lost 3lbs which I am very happy about. I am aiming to lose 1lb per week.

My daughter is now back at school so getting my steps should be easier just as a case of staying motivated. I also plan on starting to take pictures of everything I eat as well as keeping a food journal.

Hopefully, next weeks post won’t be quite so rambly.

Thank you for reading. x



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