My Health Update.


Someone stood under an umbrella in a cemetery.
Me trying something a little more creative.

I think my last health update was at the start of the year.

My arthritis is still playing up I find it incredibly hard to kneel. Crouching is a complete out of the question as I can’t get back to standing from there, which isn’t great when I am out with my camera and wanting to take low-level pictures. Mt fatigue is usually just moderate unless I have been really busy in the week then it can be extremely hard to do anything. I am now taking naproxen as this is safe while TTCing and in early pregnancy. Although it’s not as effective as I found methotrexate.

With regard to our TTCing, I had 21-day blood done to check that I am ovulating and my husband had his sperm tested both came back with no issues. We were then referred to the fertility clinic. When went for our appointment in July she went through a couple of health and lifestyle questions then said our infertility appeared to be unexplained. She mentioned a test I could have done since I had a miscarriage. The test was tubal patency where a dye is pushed through your Fallopian tubes while an ultrasound is done, this checks for any blockages.  She then proceeded to talk us out of having it done stating it would just be a formality and it was unlikely anything would be found. Taking on board her advice we decided not to go ahead.

She then mentioned IVF which is not a route we plan on taking as we already have children and we feel there are a lot of families out there who would benefit from this more than us. We were then advised to make some lifestyle changes, eating healthier and exercising more. She did mention my age may also be a factor but there is nothing I can do about that. (Unfortunately)

It has now been two months since we saw her and we have come to the decision we do want to go ahead with the test. It might come back clear but what if I do get pregnant and there is a blockage, resulting in the pregnancy being ectopic. That would mean I would have to have a termination and I just don’t think I would be able to face that.

I visited my GP and spoke it over with him. He agrees that I should have the test done even if just for peace of mind. He is going to contact them and advise that I have changed my mind and would like added to the waiting list. I also mentioned the not being able to crouch so he is referring me to physiotherapy to see if they can assist.

While I wait for those appointments we will continue to TTC.

For now, while I wait I need to get motivated and focus on losing some weight. I know I have been saying that since day one of this blog. In my defence, I did lose weight 2 years ago but just couldn’t keep it off. I won’t be doing a blog post on my journey unless I start to see some decent results. Motivation has alway been my issue. I am going to try and start small aiming to lose 14lbs. I have downloaded a new app Lifesum which allows you to follow whichever program you feel would suit best. I am going to try 6:1 its the same concept as 5:2 but only done on one day. I do more around enough as I try to make sure I get the 10,000 most days.

So that is where I am at. Hopefully, I can finish this year lighter healthier and if not pregnant at least with a clearer idea of where to start next year.

Thank you for reading. x


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