Our Weekend 17/09/16

This weekend was a little different we need to go choose for paint for Alessa room so that it could be picked it when payday comes around.

We wanted this to be her decision, after all, it’s her that will spend most of the time in there and we want it to feel like her space. She has already picked her paper which I will show in a later post. Alessa told me on the way to the retail park that it had to be green.

When we arrived I took down off the shelves the greens that would be suitable. It can’t be too dark as her room is very small. After 2 seconds of deliberations, she chose French Vine. It isn’t showing up very well in the picture but its similar to mint green. I have bought a tester pot so that is on this weeks to do list.

We decided that since we were here we would have a walk around. She loved the garden centre and really wanted a heather plant. We currently don’t have anywhere to plant one of those so she settled for a capsicum which was reduced to 50p and I bought a Mulberry candle. Last of the big spenders.

We then went to Toy’r’us we were looking for things to take pictures of to send to Santa (I know little early but Santa wants to be more organised this year) This also works at stopping her from asking for toys for now. She picked a few things that I won’t include here but you’ll have a general idea from the two picture I have shared that there is a distinct theme to her choices.

Next into Dunelm Mill. I love everything in here. If I had an unlimited budget it would be used here. This faux Christmas bouquet is beautiful and I may return later for. We were still on our spending spree and only purchased bunting and a blue candle.


Now into the shop, Alessa really came for Hobbycraft. She originally wanted another (she already has 2) paper mache horse but when she saw the unicorn that was it. You can’t come here and not buy a sun catcher since there only a £1. We also bought some stickers and two silver candle votive.

The plastic pony is from Tesco’s where we finished up popping in for some teas. This is the way she likes to travel around the supermarket.

The final picture is her back home painting her sun catcher and eating a chocolate cookie.

I hope you enjoyed our trip around the shops and I will share a picture of Alessa’s finished room in a later post.

Next week I believe Alessa has decided (weather permitting) that it’s a picnic in the woods.

Thank you for reading. x



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