Our Weekend 10/09/16

This weekend we went say goodbye to the Oor Wullie Bucket Trail and to photograph the statues that had been travelling across Scotland. This has been a big part of our summer so I knew Alessa would enjoy it.If you haven’t had a chance to read the previous post

If you haven’t had a chance to read the previous post here is the link.

This was a ticketed event and all the proceeds will be going to the Archie Foundation. This event ran from Friday afternoon through to Sunday. The tickets were for a one hour slot which was plenty time to see them even with all the people who were there.


Alessa loved getting the chance to see Glow actually glow which hadn’t been possible for us before as we don’t drive and being summer would have meant taking her on public transport at 10pm down to the waterfront.  I really wanted to see the William Wallace and as you can see from picture Alessa wasn’t keen.

All of these little ones were designed by local schools. Some of them were very well thought out but they were all brilliant. These will be put back on display in local libraries. The boy in the pictures below with Alessa is her cousin.

My little miss does pull some funny faces when its time for me to take her picture. The bottom one where she is pointing is her just realising she hasn’t taken a single picture and we are almost done.

Alessa had a sit on one of Wullie’s buckets and was lucky enough not to be chased away by him like this poor lady.

They have now had the auction and it exceeded everyone’s expectations. They raised £883,000 from the sale of 70 Oor Wullie statues. Here are a few of the final prices:

  • Oor Original went for £50,000.
  • Oor Golfer £20,000
  • Minecraft £34,000
  • Glow £12,000
  • Wullie Wallace £12,000

There are a few who have been purchased with the intent of staying in Dundee. Both of the football Wullie’s will go to their respective grounds. Lifesaver Wullie was bought by RLNI Broughty Ferry and When Wullie Met Dr Manhattan was gifted to University of Dundee By the chairman of 4J studios.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing this event. Did you have a favourite?

The money is going to help a lot of sick children and if you haven’t yet visited The Archie Foundation then please do.


Thank you for reading. x


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