Our weekend 3/9/16

Barnhill Rock Garden

This weekend we decided to return to Broughty Ferry as we had seen a nature reserve  and rock garden when we were her last week.

We started in the rock garden. They had a tree hunt on so we collected a leaflet and set about finding the 10 trees. Alessa loves this kind of thing and insisted I take a picture of her with each (I blame the Oor Wullie Trail). So below are pictures of her with each of the trees.

We decided to also have lunch here too so found a bench that was under a tree as the weather was being temperamental. After the tree hunt and we had inspected the flowers there are some unusual looking flowers here.

The nature reserve was beautiful and peaceful to walk around. We started by climbing the stairs to the bridge that takes you over the tracks although we weren’t actually going over Alessa just wanted to have a look. Once we were back down we came across a carving of a mushroom which I helped Alessa onto. This is one of my favourite pictures as she cuddles Doc McStuffin. We were quite surprised by just how many Bluebells there were here.

I hope you enjoyed reading about our weekend. Did you do anything fun? x


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