#Pointshoot Our Weekend

If you saw #MySundayPhoto then you will know we went to the beach this weekend.

When we set off it wasn’t the best weather so we thought Broughty Ferry might not be busy. We were wrong as it turns out everyone had the same idea and a fair few had also brought their camera’s.

We still had a lovely day, Alessa was looking for some sea glass and shells to take home with her. We are fortunate that we have two types of beach a stone and a sand. We also have a viewing point and a castle. So we decide to explore.

I forgot to mention Doc McStuffin joined us.

We saw a Lions Mane jellyfish swimming which Alessa loved watching then when we were on the sand beach we saw one lying in the sand so she was able to get a closer look. She collected quite a few shells and bits to bring home and I picked up a few very small ones to practice using the macro setting on my camera with.

We also found another red phone box and this one looks like it’s here to stay. Alessa was a little shocked to hear this is how we used to talk to our friends and family. Made me feel very old.

We also planned to reach the 3rd floor of the castle (the 2nd floor is the furthest we usually manage) but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. The only way into and out of the castle is a very tight spiral staircase. Alessa wasn’t feeling brave as she put it so we only made it as far as the first floor.

After the beach, we always have a look around the charity shops here. There are 8 in the one street. She found a Fireman Sam DVD, a turtles hat and a stuff Husky dog teddy £3 well spent. I never found anything.

charity buys.jpg

Sunday we spend at home recharging before we start school week again.  Alessa relaxed and watched her new DVD and played with her horses. I don’t have any pictures from this as my camera batteries were also recharging.

Thank you for reading.

You Baby Me Mummy

9 thoughts on “#Pointshoot Our Weekend

  1. Lovely images, I love the pebbles on the beach, we don’t find many pebbles here on Australian beaches so it looks so magical to me. Same with the red phone boxes I wish we had those they are so lovely. But yes I guess phone box days are gone now, we are getting old aren’t we lol #pointshoot

  2. Great charity shop finds and a great phone box find! My boy was born in Dundee but we never visited Broughty Ferry (we were in Blairgowrie but sadly no more) #PointShoot

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