#MySundayPhoto A day at the beach

With my Alessa now at school I plan on taking her out for the day during the weekend. So this week since the weather was good we decided to have one last visit to the beach before the weather really changes.

This is Broughty Ferry beach and Tayport in the distance which shares the River Tay with us before it joins the North Sea. You can also just see the Tay Road Bridge.

Alessa loves the beach and no matter how cold insists she must put her feet into the water.

Beach August 2016 (254).JPG


13 thoughts on “#MySundayPhoto A day at the beach

  1. What a beautiful photo. That beach looks amazing. Alessa sounds like she’d get on well with my little mermaid (although I make her wear wellies when it’s cold. Hehe).

    1. Thank you I’m going to miss her when she is full time. Although it will give me a chance to take my camera places I wouldn’t take her. She loves the beach too. Slept like a log last night must have been the sea air.

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