Weigh in day.

This week has been all over the place. One day I’m tracking and under calories but not moving enough the next I’m over budget but walking loads.

I think its partly down to having no routine at the moment because my husband is on holiday and I want to spend time with him during the day as a family then at night watching Charmed (our current boxset) having grown ups time. My husband works nights so usually am in bed by 9pm and asleep for 11pm. Then because he needs to sleep during the day I will take my daughter out. So as sad as I will be to go back to sleeping alone I will be pleased to get some form of routine back roll on Tuesday night. I also find if I over do it walking one day then next day my fatigue plays up so I am still trying to find a happy medium.

As I am writing this I have no idea what I weigh but I want to be completely honest as I write these more for me so that I look back and see what worked and what didn’t. This week didn’t work I need to track and move more. I have looked at my steps for this week and there are 4 days where I did 4000 or less. That’s not enough if I want to lose weight. Total steps for the week 61,157 this number need to be higher than 70,000.

I have reignited my love for my camera so plan on using that as my motivation to get out the house. I have been watching video tutorials on making the most of your bridge camera (Nikon Coolpix L820) and I have learned so much. I have also been to the library to pick up some books on photography. If you love photography too I also recommend Sky Arts Master Photographer. This is the Bake off of photography. Watching how other people get their shots and the techniques they use is fascinating.

This is an image I took this week if you follow me on any of my social media you will have already seen it. I am really proud of this it may not be anything special to anyone else but it captures exactly what I saw and loved.

field of flowers .jpg

Any way on to the weigh in. This week I have gained 1lbs which I am disappointed about but not surprised. I Have paid for 1 month of Nutracheck hopefully because it is now costing me money it may help to stay on plan. Time to draw a line under this week and move on. This next week will be better. I am currently 183lbs and want to be in the 170s by the end of this month.

I hope your week is going better.

Thanks for reading. x


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