Botanical Gardens

My husband is off on holiday we decided to have a couple of outings with him. This week we decided to visit the local botanical gardens we came last year and really enjoyed it.

They currently have an offer that kids can visit for free throughout July and August. Adults can visit on Saturdays for free (although we only discovered this after we arrived). That being said it isn’t an expensive place to visit around £10 for 2 adults and 1 child.

We started or visit by taking my daughters picture with Oor Wullie which I will do a post on at a later date once we have visited all 55 of them. We are still to visit 8 so hopefully we should have completed tem by next week although a couple are being repaired so will depend on when they go back on display.

We then went into the greenhouse my daughter loves it in here. It gives her a chance to see plants that wouldn’t normal grow here. These giant lily pads were one of her favourite plants in here along with what looked like a fern but when you touched it leaves they curled up. There are some beautiful flowers in here. It is definitely a good place for someone who loves photography.

We returned back outside to find somewhere to have our lunch we packed a picnic although they do have a café. After lunch we began to explored the rest of the gardens. These gardens are cared for buy students who are studying at University of Dundee as part of their degree. There are a lot of beautiful plants and trees here. We especially enjoyed smelling the eucalyptus leaves and learning that koalas enjoy eating these. Alessa loved  hiding in some of the trees. She also insisted on feeling the temperature of the little stream. There are a lot of opportunities to pose for photographs with beautiful backgrounds. Alessa brings her camera along and copies me in practicing taking photographs.

We will definitely be coming back for another visit one Saturday after my husband has returned to work. I highly recommend if you have a botanical garden near you checking it out. Its a good place for your kids to run around and burn off some energy and maybe even find a love of plants.

What are you getting up to this summer?

Thank you for reading. x


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