Weekly weigh in.


Time to focus!!

A few week back I posted that I was getting back on the weight loss bandwagon. Well I fell off!! I haven’t tracked in a few weeks and last week I gained 2.4lbs so I considered not weighing in this week. 

I am glad I never listened to myself as this week I lost 3lbs. That’s right a whole 3lbs and I have absolutely no idea how. 

I am going to take this as the kick in the backside that I needed to get back on track.  Here in Scotland the kids are back at school and dont have another holiday for 4 weeks (Easter break) and my hubby is back at work so my normal routine can resume. 

I will go back to having breakfast, going for my walk while Alessa is in nursery and tracking my food/water.  All the things that stopped.  I also hope to start posting my food pictures again on Instagram. 

I was looking at my progress on myfitnesspal and have to say I am so annoyed that I let myself get back up here again.  At my lowest I was 149lbs (June 2014) I know I have had a lot happen since then but that’s no excuse time to pull myself up and start taking my health seriously. 

I can do this I have done it before I just need to focus.

Thank you for reading. x


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