My Weekly Weigh In

This was my first full week back on track and I have to say it went rather well. That’s always the case though first week you are full of determination it’s whether you can keep going that is the real challenge.

This week I planned most of my meals out in advance which isn’t always easy as I live in a house of fussy eaters (myself included) I have managed to stick to my calories and got all of my water in most days.

I have managed at least 10,000 5 out of the 7 days I hope to improve that this week although I am happy with my progress as it was less of a struggle than I had expected it to be. This week I plan to increase my step goal to 11,000 per day.

Now on to the weigh in I lost 3.4lbs which I am really chuffed with. i know I won’t get numbers like that every week but I will be happy with a 1lb loss.

2016-01-18 16.29.47

If you would like to see what I am eating each meal come follow me on instagram.

Thank you for reading and I am sorry its such a short post.

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