Happy New Year!

2016-01-05 19.57.12

So it has been a while since I last posted. Let’s get caught up in case you don’t follow me on my other social media accounts. Back in May I was still processing the miscarriage and then my arthritis symptoms increased unfortunately I just wasn’t ready to fight against them. We are still trying to conceive and have until April when my doctor will review my pain and say whether he would advise I return to medication.

I have since been to see a arthritis foot podiatrist who has given me some insoles and exercises to do that have elevated the pain so it is just my fatigue holding me back literally now i am ready to stop letting it control me.

I plan on getting my health and weight back into the healthy range. I will be using Myfitnesspal and my fitbit as I did before. I will be on 1700 calories and have a step goal of 10,000. I will do weekly weigh ins on Mondays. I have just over 30lbs to lose.

I did start back a couple of weeks ago and was blogging on tumblr but have decided to move back here where if I need more accountability I can link up with other weekly weight loss bloggers.

If I have forgotten to mention anything please let me know. X


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