The A to Z of me!

I was tagged by Jemma at MrsPuddleDucky to do the A to Z of me.

A is for Absent I am very absent minded. If I have an appointment or something important if I don’t write it down and set a reminder for it then I will completely miss it. I am the same when it comes to blogpost I have reminders in my phone to tell me what is coming up. doesn’t always work but helps.

B is for Busty Or at least that is what my husband would say. Personally I think I am about average but then again who cares other than men.

C is for Cuppa I love my cups of tea. It has to be British tea and by that I mean not flavoured, the kind you add milk to. I like mine strong with a splash of milk. I’m not a snob when it comes to tea bags in fact my current favourite is the Morrisons Red Label. I would say on average we drink about 5 cups per day. I know thats probably a lot to some. I also like the odd cup of green tea.

A lovely cuppa

D is for Drunk Which is me never. I haven’t drank in probably 8 years. I had a close relative pass away a few years back due to alcohol. I have never liked the way alcohol makes you feel. I am lucky that my husband and his parents don’t really like alcohol either. Which means there is never that pressure to just have one. Not that it would make me have one.

E is for Elegance  My all time favourite book. I have mentioned this in a previous post but I am not a big reader and this is one of the few books I have read from start to finish and then reread. It has a self help feel to it although its a novel.

F is for Family This is a given but these are the most important people in my life. I love spending time with them and would do anything for them.

Our wedding Day

G is for Grandparents Unfortunately all of mine have passed. I miss them dearly I loved hearing how it was for them growing up or seeing them trying to understand modern technology. My grandad was funny with his mobile phone he would top it up every week but never use any of the credit unless it was an emergency. When he passed he had over £100 in his mobile.

H is for Husband He has only been know as husband for 5 months before that he was partner for 10 years. We married in January on our 10th Anniversary of being a couple. Nothing fancy as it was never about the day and more about the commitment. He can be a pain sometimes but I also know that he will alway be there when I need him. We both don’t like alcohol as I mentioned we love movies and video games (although they have become too technical for me to play) I would be lost without him.

I is for Independant I have lived on my own since I was 16. In fact when my husband and I were first living together I found it hard to let him have a say in thing or to let him tidy round the house. (who am I kidding he still doesn’t get to do that) I had my son at 20 and was a single parent so for a long time it was my rules and my wants that mattered. It took a lot to say” what do you think?” or “what do you want?” I am better at it now.

J is for January The month I official started dating hubby the month I married hubby and also the month my daughter was born. February used to be my favourite month my Valentines day then my birthday but now it January.

K is Kids We would love another one if it is possible. We have decided to let it happen if it happens instead of stressing about it. After the heartache of losing our baby in February we feel its better not to rush it.

L is for Laura Or to be precise the song “Tell Laura I love her” this song was the most irritating thing from school there was always someone who thought I hadn’t heard it before and would burst into song. It has got to be the most depressing song ever!! i have linked to it in case you have never heard or need a refresher.

M is for Mum My absolute favourite job I have ever had and the most rewarding. I love seeing them grow up and knowing you created them and helped to mold them.

N is for Nature I enjoy being out in nature walking and exploring as do my kids. If you have saw any of my pictures of Alessa this is abundantly clear. She loves flowers and animals always wanting to know more about them and my son was the same when he was younger.


O is for Observant Sometimes its mistaken for nosy. I notice small things new ornaments or flowers people have gotten or if their hair has changed. I feel like I am showing an interest but like I said some people feel I am being nosy. If they have lost or gained weight although this I never mention to them.

P is for Pro parent By this i mean I believe you should be allowed to parent how you see fit provided your child or anyone elses child won’t be hurt. So if you want to breastfeed go ahead if you don’t then that good too. You don’t want the grandparents having the kids every week or every month then thats your call. My only thing I feel I would inject my opinion on is immunisation It should alway be done. It’s doesn’t just affect your child it affects those who have not yet had the chance to be immunised.

Q is for QWERTY I can not type with my fingers across the keys. I type one finger at a time, I wish I could. I have take a few different computer classes in order to learn but nope never happens. I also don’t look at the screen when I type I look up maybe every couple of sentences and then have to go back and edit mistakes.

R is for Reading I need to do more of this. Not just books but other peoples blog posts. Don’t get me wrong I do read blogpost I just need to keep on top of it. Logging into bloglovin and seeing 300 unread post is very off putting. I need to start allocating 30 minutes each day to go through and read.

S is for Sweet tooth if it has sugar in it then I love it. Cakes biscuits chocolate and ice-cream. The only thing I don’t eat and its not because I don’t like them is jelly type sweets they give me migraines. No idea why.

T is for Taylor My surname that I am still trying to get used to. As soon as anyone says Mrs Taylor I look for my mother in law but at the same time if people use Edwards (my maiden name) I get a little offend “don’t they know I married”


U is for You I am cheating a little. Thank you for reading this and my other ramblings I post. For liking my picture and commenting on my posts or tagging me in new ones that give me inspiration.

V is for Vote This is something I have only recently started doing. I always complained about thing that were happening in this country but realised I had no right. If I didn’t vote then I missed my chance to have my say. I won’t go into my political beliefs. this is not the time or place.

W is for willpower I can never seem to hold onto mine. Its there in bucket loads at the start of things but a few weeks in and none, it just gone.

Y is yoyo This leads on from W I am a yoyo dieter because of lack of willpower. I lose a chunk of weight gain some back lose a little more gain some more. This year I have to stop the cycle.

Z is for Zeds I never seem to get enough of these. I have a terrible sleep pattern. It takes forever for me to fall asleep but once I am asleep I don’t want to get back up. I could have been asleep for 9 hours and getting up will still be a struggle.

I apologise if you have already done this but here are my names:





6 thoughts on “The A to Z of me!

  1. Whoo great post Laura, loving all your answers. I have a terrible sweet tooth!! The more I try to give up the more I crave it. Thanks for the tag, I will love to do this post ( maybe a in a week as the kids are off school but will try asap :))

  2. Lovely post and so nice to find out a little more about you. The photo from your wedding day is just gorgeous. I can imagine that people singing ‘Tell Laura I love her’ to you must have been incredibly irritating – it is a very depressing song! I am so sorry that you lost your baby in February and hope that you will get your rainbow baby in the future. Loving your new blog design 🙂

    1. Thank you. I enjoyed this post. Still getting used to things over here on wordpress but the design was one thing I knew straight away I was happy with.
      My eldest is a rainbow baby. Hopefully it happens before my Arthritis symptoms get too much and I have to go back on medication. They are fine at the moment. I think the medication was the cause of my miscarriage as I hadn’t been off them long and they are usually used during miscarriages. Xx

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