Our day out.

On saturday I decided to take Alessa out for the day. We were going to go to the beach but it just wasn’t warm enough so went to Camperdown Park instead.

This is a large park with several different way to walk around it. I let Alessa lead the way. We walked around the edge of the park through the trees, it was beautiful so green.  There were the odd clusters of Blue bells and then we saw this gate. Unfortunately it didn’t lead anywhere exciting.

Camperdown Park
Camperdown Park Camperdown Park Camperdown Park

We came across a huge mound of tree bark so had a little walk through it. If I could have bottled the smell I would have. I took a couple of photos here of Alessa. This was my favourite.

Camperdown Park

Alessa wasn’t feeling 100% so we stopped on a bench and had an early lunch. This is the view from that bench and believe me when I say this picture doesn’t do it justice.

Camperdown Park

We then walked on and discovered a duck pond with ducklings they were just too cute. We sat here for half an hour talking to them and listening to them talk back to us. We could have easily sat here longer.

Camperdown Park The above photo is when Alessa first realises there are ducks behind me. This picture really makes me smile.

Camperdown Park Camperdown Park Camperdown ParkOn we went to the big house. This had been one of my reasons for coming here as I had posted a picture a couple of Sundays ago of Alessa standing at a big door. That picture was taken a year ago so I thought we would come back and take one this year. Maybe next year we will get to go inside. The building isn’t currently open to the public but there are plans to make it into a musuem of some sort so hopefully that happens as it is such a shame it isn’t used.

Camperdown Park Camperdown Park Camperdown Park Camperdown ParkThese trees are just in front of the building what an amazing view you must have from those windows. I love the colour of these trees against the green of the park. Camperdown ParkCamperdown ParkThis park really does have something for everyone their is a full golf course, nature trails through woods, a play park and a wildlife centre. I will probably do a post on the wildlife centre in the future as Alessa has requested another visit there.

Thank you for reading. x


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