I need you help!!

I mentioned in an earlier post that Alessa had found a piece of tree which we brought home to use for a craft project.

I have since had my father in law to cut it into slices so we now have 5 pieces. What I am hoping for is that you will have some ideas on what we can use it for. I am looking for crafty projects that Alessa can do (she is 4) that aren’t too expensive.

sliced log

I had thought of mosaicing one of them but not sure what materials I would require for this another idea was for Alessa to draw or paint on it.

sliced log sliced log

Do you have any ideas or links to ideas you think might be good?

Any ideas we try will be featured in a blog post which I will credit the blog of person  who submits the idea.

Thank you in advance.

4 thoughts on “I need you help!!

  1. They remind me of the wooden coasters gran used to have! Do you remember them? They had their own little shelf haha. Have fun Alessa, can’t wait to see what you make xx

  2. I can’t help unfortunately but I’ll share and hope you find an idea you like soon. I’ll have to get more crafty as my little one grows, hey! Lovely wood and beautiful pictures. The floor and background really caught my attention, where did you take the pictures? #aNoviceMumCommentLuv

    1. I took my pictures on top of our outside table. Had planned on laying them on the grass but it was too long. My daughter is really enjoying craft at the moment. Thank you for sharing.

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