Weekly weigh in

Another week another weigh in. Lets just jump right in.

Me in 2012
Me in 2012 at almost 200lbs!!

Steps: This week I reach my target of 70,000 over the week. Which is amazing since the weather here has been so dismal.

Eating: No motivation. I can honestly say I didn’t track at all. I barely even registered half of the rubbish I was eating.

Water: Has been on track this week. All 8 glasses drank every day. I have set this as my 30 day challenge in my planner.

Weigh in: Are you ready for bad news the news we all knew was coming. I gained 1.6lbs.

This week I have got to find my focus again. I have decided to go back to posting all my food to instagram. I hoping this will help to actually see what I am eating. I will get back on track I am determined to complete my journey.

Thank you for reading and here’s to no more mindless eating.

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8 thoughts on “Weekly weigh in

  1. You can do this! Small steps at a time Laura. Write off last week and refocus. Your steps and water are good, so you just need to keep a track do your food and you’ll be there. Why not set a half hour rule – if you want to mindlessly eat something, why not say you have to think about it for half an hour first? It might make you think about it more? Xxxx

    1. Thank you. That is a good idea. I have also been trying not to snack between meals so breakfast lunch dinner and supper and one small snack when my daughter comes home from nursery. Hopefully this will help. Xx ☺

  2. Don’t worry my last two weeks have been awful ! Keep going with the steps and water, that’s really good. Taking photos or recording in some way dies change how you eat doesn’t it?!

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