Motivational Monday

Its another one of those weeks where I was in two minds about writing this post, about weighing in and most of all facing up to how far into bad habits I have slipped.

This week I have checked into myfitnesspal everyday but only really so I don’t lose my day count. I think if that had happened this week there would be no way I could find the motivation to get back focused.

This weekend I went and bought the dress I plan on wearing to my sister in-laws wedding. I had fun trying on all the dresses I liked and it was great putting them on knowing that they fit and that I could choose the one I liked the most not just settle for the one that made me look the least fat.

Also another NSV for me was fitting into my size 12 jeans that I had bought from Very at the beginning of the month.

So although weight loss this month hasn’t be great other things have. Now the next Motivational Monday will go up in June but that weigh in will still count for May so this week I am going to have to focus focus focus!!

This weeks weigh in results are I gained 1.8lbs. Now I need to get more than 3lbs if I want to get out of the 150’s next week. Fitbit stats for this week have been poor too so that is also on the program for next week.

I have download mapmywalk and planned out a walk that will be just shy of 7 miles. Which I plan on doing first thing tomorrow. Now I’m not saying I will do this walk everyday but at least it will give me an idea of time then I can adjust where needed.
Good luck in your journey and remembered there will always be bumps in the road you just have drive over them.

Thanks for reading. X


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