Weekly Weigh in

This has been a disappointing week I just haven’t been focused at all. I just couldn’t stay motivated.


Steps This weeks steps have been moderate. I reach my target of our 70.000 in a week that I set myself in my planner but only just. I never got anywhere near 100,000 in my week never mind in the challenge.

Eating This will a short section I did’t track for 4 days I ate whenever I wanted and none of it was healthy.

Water Finally a section I am happy with I drank all of my water except one glass. I only missed it because I thought I had drank it but had in fact left it in kitchen and din’t discover till next morning. I was so annoyed.

Weigh in Now this is a big shock to me but some how in amongst all my laziness and my over eating I still managed to loss 1.4lbs. I have no idea my body clearly wants to loss weight even when I loss faith.

Goals for next week 

  • Find my motivation.
  • Get out of the 160lbs.
  • Keep up with my water.

How was your week?

Thank you for reading. x

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5 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh in

  1. Ah don’t be so hard on yourself, we all have rubbish weeks, i’m currently on two pretty pants days which i’ll share on friday have no fear! Well done on the loss still, that’s great. Water is something i really need to improve on, must make that a goal! x

    1. Thank you it is. Sometime I forget it’s a life style change and as long as I keep moving forward I will get there. The water is hard can’t believe you do an extra litre each day. X

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