Weekly Weigh In

This week I am pleased to say my fatigue has pasted. I have be active everyday this week. 
Botanical Gardens Dundee
Steps: This week my walking has been great I have hit my 15,000 most days Saturday was 13,000 and on Sunday was 5,000 but I did move all the living room furniture and dining table from kitchen to sweep and steam both rooms. So I got my 60 minutes of activity.
Eating: I have been over my allowance almost everyday this week which I am not OK with. This week I have to get that under control. 
Water: This has went fantastic this week I hit my target almost every this week. I have certainly noticed it. Funny story. Having to look for a bathroom while out on a walk because of a full bladder is not good. My husband and I decided to have a walk to our local Hobbycraft but half way there we had to stop in at my mother in-law as there was no way I could wait. To make it worse I swallowed a bug as we turned into her street, I was trying to cough and cross my legs at the same time. Need to work on the pelvis floor muscles as they are definitely letting me down. As you can probably imagine hubby found this very amusing. 

Weigh in: I lost 0.6lbs which I am good with since I had a big loss last week and my food wasn’t within my allowance. This takes me to 162.4lbs. 

Goals for next week: Try and pull in the extra snacking and stick to calories, get 100,000 step during week day challenges (you have been warned if your a Fitbit friend) and keep up the water. I would also love to get below 160lbs. I will also be moving my weigh in to Sunday at 4.30pm. This is so that my week starts on a Monday although these updates will still be going up on a Monday evening and can be scheduled to go up at 7pm.
How has your week been if you blogged or vlogged feel free to leave me a link below and I will stop by. 
Thank you for reading. x

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