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Weekly Weigh in

Before I get into the numbers let me just say this has been my worst week. My fatigue was really bad I didn’t leave the house for 4 days. Sunday was the worst I just had no energy at all.

Steps: This week I did two days at 15,000 and the rest of the week were between 4,000 and 8,000 which were just general moving about of the house.

Eating: I was under my goal 3 days this week went over once and have no idea about the rest as I just didn’t track. I can never remember everything if I try to add in after the fact.

Water: Two days I had all my water the rest less than half.

Weigh in: After reviewing the week I was sure I would have gained but I actually lost 1.4lbs. I actually stood of the scales and stepped back on because I thought they must be wrong but they weren’t.

Goals for next week: Keep moving forward.

I wasn’t going to post this week but I feel I need to keep track of the times that my fatigue holds me back. Also I can only fail if I stop trying and I don’t plan on doing that.

Thank you for reading. x

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I am a married SAHM of two from Dundee, Scotland. I am currently trying to lose weight while living with rheumatoid arthritis. My husband and I are ttcing in the hope of having one more baby.

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