Motivational Monday

Before we get to the weigh in I feel lighter in body and mind.  I haven’t weighed at the time I am writing this so I may not be lighter but I certainly feel it. This is for a few reasons I had woman time this week which tells me my body is past everything that happened earlier in year. I also got all of my Spring clean chores done this week. I have been putting these things off for the longest time and it feels so good to know they are finally done. I feels like I have freed up some space in my head.

If you follow me on Twitter or Google then you will know I have been watching a lot of planner video lately and I am now implementing them into my daily life. I bought just a basic planner, I might go into that in more detail in a later post but I have added all the chores in to it, which means no more procrastinating I will know when they need to be done. I have also used some of those tips in my Diet Doodle Diary and I am really loving this again.  I have added a little water chart so now I can track everything.

As you can see from the picture my over all week has been really good. My only real blip was Tuesday but I had my moment then got back on track. Sunday I didn’t do much walking my daughter and I spent most of the day in bed just relaxing her on her Leappad me on my laptop reading blog post and editing picture for future posts. I did go over my calories a little but I am OK with that for now.
Steps this week have be amazing I hit 20,000 steps on 3 days. This is the only reason I took Sunday as a rest day. Also my husband works weekends so for me to get my steps in I have to take my daughter along and 30,000 steps in a weekend would be a lot for her. She loves walking and probably does more than most children her age. So I took her out on the Saturday we went and fed the ducks. 
Eating was really good I think this is because hubby and I sat down figured out the meals for the week and then stuck to it. This is usually hard to do as one of us decides they don’t want that planned meal not this week I looked forward to each meal. Tuesdays bad choices were because we bought a dessert on our way out of Morrisons which wasn’t on the list. Don’t get me wrong said dessert was delicious. Sticky toffee pudding but I had more than one portion. After giving in to the new Galaxy salted caramel which just tasted like regular Galaxy to us. Naughty!!
Water again apart from Tuesday has be on point. It’s actually getting easier I sort myself 500ml when I am making breakfast then throughout the morning I drink it. Then I take another with me on my walk while Alessa is in nursery the next one I have when we come back from nursery and the final one after tea. This save me from having to binge drink it before bed which I believe isn’t good for you and means your up half the night using the bathroom.
Now for the weigh in. This week I lost 0.8lbs normally I would be disappointed with this but as I said its woman time and I moved my weigh in to 4.30pm instead of 8.00am (although I did still weigh in this morning and it was -1.6lbs). So I am good a loss is still a loss. 
Goals for next week:
  1. Keep up the numbers with my walking. 
  2. All days on plan. 
  3. Keep drinking that water.
  4. How has your week been?
Thank you for reading. x

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