Pregnancy Update part 2

This is the follow up to my previous post you can read that here. This post is probably going to be hard to read and a lot tmi.  It was also written over several weeks so may not flow smoothly.
On Thursday the 19 February I started spotting.  I was going to phone hospital as they had said if I started to contact them but decided I would wait until Monday in case it stopped.  I had moderate to heavy bleeding over the weekend with mild cramps.  Monday morning I got up and the intensity of the cramps had increased as well has the amount of blood. 
I now had clots of blood too.  I was getting my daughter ready for nursery when I had a massive cramp and this flooding feeling I rushed to the bathroom and could feel what I believe to be the pregnancy leave my body.  I wasn’t able to see anything in the toilet which I am kind of happy about as I’m not sure I would have been able to pull the handle. 
I continued to have intense cramps the rest of the day but the bleeding became more period like.  I phoned the hospital to make them aware and have rescheduled my appointment to Friday.  Which should give my body enough time to clear any remaining tissue. 
Friday (27 February) morning bleeding was more like a light period and I had no cramping.  I arrived at my appointment and told the midwife of how my week had been.  She then proceeded to do an external scan and much to my dismay told us that the pregnancy hadn’t passed but was in fact sitting at the neck of my womb.  She said my womb was open and if I wanted to I could wait another week. 
I agreed to this and was advised if I believed I had an infection or any other problems to contact them straight away.  I booked another appointment for the following Friday.
I returned the follow Friday (6 March) fully expecting her to say I would have to come in and have the procedure done. The midwife did a scan but couldn’t see anything. So she advised me that she would do a pregnancy test if negative then it was all done but if positive she would have to do an internal scan. 
While we waited on test I explained that I now think I have an infection. The test comes back negative and I am give a swab and asked to sweep myself little strange but I get on and do it. I am currently awaiting results and if there is one I will need antibiotics.
I am glad that this is all over and that I let my body deal with it although it did take longer than I had hoped. We have been advised that if we wish to try again to wait until I have had a period allowing my body to reset its self and also this would make dating conception easier. Although we haven’t decided any of this yet.
Thank you for reading. x

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