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Pregnancy week 9

How far along 9 weeks 3 days

Total weight gain -0.2lbs

Maternity clothes No but waist band is tight on some clothing.

Sleep Random some days I am so tired the whole days others I cant sleep at all.

Best moment this week being offered some baby things that will save us a lot of money.

Miss anything Runny eggs!!

Movement Too soon.

Food cravings Rice crispies with milk.

Anything make you queasy/sick Milk but I tolerate it as baby needs milk even if it sits in my stomach funny.

Gender No idea although Alessa wants a sister.

Labour signs  None.

Symptoms Fatigue breathlessness and intolerance to milk.

Belly button in/out In

Wedding rings on/off On most of the time.

Mood Good

Looking forward to Scan on Friday.



I am a married SAHM of two from Dundee, Scotland. I am currently trying to lose weight while living with rheumatoid arthritis. My husband and I are ttcing in the hope of having one more baby.

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