Pregnancy week 8

How far along I am 8 week 3 days

Total weight gain This week I gained 2.2lbs I am hoping that the weight gain will easy once my energy level return to normal.

Maternity clothes No

Sleep Still the same as last week nodding off during the day and not then taking ages to fall asleep at night.

Best moment this week Getting my letter for my 12 week scan through.

Miss anything Energy. I love going for walks and at the moment I just feel so tired and run down.

Movement Too early

Food cravings Not this week.

Anything make you queasy/sick No.

Gender Too early

Labour signs No

Symptoms Same as last week fatigue and always hungry. (hence the weight gain)

Belly button in/out In.

Wedding rings on/off On.

Mood Mostly good, then every so often I hear myself ranting and I have no idea why.

Looking forward to Hospital for scan. I think that will probably be my answer right up until week 13.

Thank you for reading and hopefully as I progress these updates will get more interesting. x

Image courtesy of Pinterest. 


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