Getting up and out.

These past two weeks I have found my bum has permanently be glued to the sofa with my eyes firmly fixed on the television. I know whst your thinking she is over reacting, well what if I told you I have watched 7 that’s right 7 seasons of Greys Anatomy in that time would you believe me now?
As much as I love that program I wish I had never started watching. Very very addictive you feel it sucking you in. So this week I gave myself a taking too. Basically of I want to watch it I have got to do at least 10,000 steps per day and if I want to have a sofa/laundry day on a Sunday I have to make sure I have more than 70,000 step by bed time Saturday.
This week is off to a fantastic start I have done 32,000 and we are just finishing day 2. Wont get to watch any tomorrow as I have a busy day then watch Liberty of London in the evening. If you have watched Greys Anatomy you will know it is killing me as my last episode ended with the car crash with Kali. I need to see what happens!!
Food has been good haven’t been logging it at time of eating but have done it in evening. Under calories both days so pleased with that. Currently just aiming to get my weight down to 155lbs that is where I know my dress fits.
Then after the wedding in January I can start focusing on the remaining weight. I seem to do better from January to June for some reason once July and school holidays hit I fall off plan then play catch up for the remainder of the year.
I have decided for Christmas day not to buy a new dress but to wear the one I wore last Christmas. It hasn’t had much wear throughout the year and it would be good to see if there is a noticeable difference in my shape.
Thank you for reading as always and I will up date you again soon. X


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