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Motivational Monday

So as I mentioned in my last post today I would be getting back on track.
I got up this morning weighed myself (I have moved my weigh in the morning) I have to say the number on the scale wasnt as bad as I was expecting 153lbs which is 13lbs from where I want to be. I am planning to lose the weight before I come off my contraception.
Today has been a good food day cereal for breakfast toast and spaghetti for lunch and tomato beef with noodles for tea. I have had a couple of snacks mid afternoon it was an apple and this evening a slice of iced ginger cake. I have also drank all of my water.
I also managed to get my steps done for today too this is something else that has been sliping lately. My daughter and I went for a walk to the duck pond fed them a few slices of bread then walked home again.

I have also managed to get caught up on a few household chores the laundry changed the bedding and gave a general tidy around the house.
So you could say I am feeling rather accomplished!!
Thank you for readung and hope you have a great week. X


I am a married SAHM of two from Dundee, Scotland. I am currently trying to lose weight while living with rheumatoid arthritis. My husband and I are ttcing in the hope of having one more baby.

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