Motivational Monday

This week has been another write off. My walking was good green tea was good and water too. The eating just never stopped. I am drawing a line under May and moving on to June.
Keeping the walking up and introducing other forms of exercise. I am also going back to basics with 3 meals and one snack. So if I snack in the morning tgere will be nothing in the afternoon or evening. Also this snack will be 200 cals or under. Once this becomes habit I will drop the calories of the snack to 150 then 100.
I know where I am going wrong and what I need to do I just have to get my head back in the game I know I can do this I am over half way to my goal. I currently have a stone to lose. I am also changing my scale to stones I think seeing the 10 at the beginning of my weight will motivate me. Now today’s weigh in  results are I weigh exactly 11st. This is the last time that number will be on my scales.
Good luck in your journey and here’s to improving our motivation so we can get where we need to be.
Thank you for reading as always. X


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