Motivational Monday

Another week another weigh in.
This week I am not sure how I did as there were days I just stopped logging my in take.
I find myself procrastinating more and more about walking and exercise bike. Then the more I don’t leave the house the more unnecessary snacking I do. I have drawn up an basic exercise chart for this week which I have written on the bedroom calendar. The picture below shows what I plan to do and when. I will draw a red line through them as I do them.

Chores covers anything that needs done around the house.

I also need to make sure I log everything. The whole point is to be accountable which I can’t do if I can’t see it.
I bought some size 12 jeans and they are snug. I plan on fitting comfortably in them by June!!
No onto the weigh in this could go either way as I said before. The results are 0.2lbs off. It’s a loss but I can do so much better as last week proved. I seem to have a pattern do well for a bit then lose motivation,  then find it again. Now this is good because I’m still getting there but I need to be more consistent.
Thanks for reading and here’s to a more productive week next week. X

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