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Motivational Monday

This week started of good but then it just went down hill. Rather than breaking the days down like previous weeks. I am just going to draw a line under it and move on.
This week I am going back to 1420 calories and increase the number of calories burned each day to 2500. I also am going to increase the number of steps I do per day from 10,000 to 12,000. I am also going back to posting each meal at the time of eating rather than a collage at the end of the day.
I had a look at my posts from this time last year and my motivation was starting to dwindle, I am determined that this year will not go the same way. I have around 20lb still to lose and I will do it before July.
This week I had decided not to weigh in but pretending last week didn’t happen won’t do me any good. I am trying to change my bad habits so I have to face up to my bad weeks.
So this week’s weigh in results are I gained 0.6lbs which isn’t as bad as I was expecting and which also may mean it will get me next week. This week I have to stick to my plan.
This week will be better thanks for reading. x


I am a married SAHM of two from Dundee, Scotland. I am currently trying to lose weight while living with rheumatoid arthritis. My husband and I are ttcing in the hope of having one more baby.

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