Motivational Monday

Spring is finally here the weather has improved making it so much easier to get out and about. Although the sun is out it is still quite windy. Not long now till we change our clocks and then I can start walking more in the evenings. 
This week got off to a great start myself and Alessa went out for a long walk on Tuesday in which I burned over 1000 calories. I was also under my calorie allowance for the day. Wednesday was on target until evening time when all I could think about was cheese on toast. I had bought the new Anchor cheddar and I have to say that it put me way over my calories and meant I used the ones I had burned off earlier but I would have to say it was totally worth it. It’s been a long time since I found a cheese that I have really enjoyed. Thursday was back on track as I reminded myself that I wanted to be out of the 160s this week.
The rest of the week I have been under calories and have got out and walked everyday. So as weeks go this week has been really good I just have to make sure you focus stays all week not just part of it.
The weigh in this week was fantastic I lost 2.2lbs which makes my weight 159.8lbs I am only just out of the 160s but I will take it because that number will never be on my scales again. I have now lost 16.2lbs since the start of the year.
My next mini goal will be to lose 4.8lb by the 31st of March. I believe I can achieve this and have dropped my calorie allowance to 1420 I know this is only a small difference but I believe it will help my journey as my body will be needing less calories to function. I also hope to more more this week. (Something I say every week) I NEED to start properly working out even if it’s just with a DVD.
My water intake is terrible I am forever forgetting. I need to be more aware of how much I am drinking.
I am also going to continue posting my meals to Instagram as I am really finding this motivating. I am also still logging all my food in my diet doodle diary. What do you do to motivate yourself?
Here’s to another fantastic week!!!
Stay motivated and thanks for reading. X

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