Motivational Monday

Well this week I did fantastic I stayed just under calories everyday (except today) and managed to get out walking everyday (including today) almost everyday I burned more than 500 calories. I also posted all of my food intake to Instagram. I have to say knowing that you are about share what you are eating with everyone really does make you stop and think before you eat. If you want to see the things I eat check out my Instagram Twitter or Tumblr same name for all.

This week I had thought it would be harder to get my walks in since we are toilet training my daughter but she has taken to that very well. I check if she needs the bathroom before we leave and she usually doesn’t need to go for about two hours which is fantastic. it just means as soon as we get home before we take off our coats I take her to the bathroom. Oh and please don’t think I am making her hold it if she needed to go when we were out she would get to go whether its in a bathroom or behind a bush. 

This weeks weigh-in results are I lost 0.4lbs which I am completely fine with I said on the previous two post that the losses I had received hadn’t been earned and knew I was due a gain so I feel by staying on track this week I prevented that and managed to get a little of taking my weight loss to 14lbs exactly since January. 

My week went well as I said so I plan to carry it over into next week. Keep moving and tracking also we have had some sun this week which has also helped as I find I am more inclined to want to go out when it looks brighter.

Next week I am hoping to get out of the 160’s I currently weigh 162lbs so need more than 2lb to say goodbye that number for good. Although I am at my lowest weight in a very long time.

As always thank you for reading. x


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