Motivational Monday

This week’s post will be a short post. My week started off great I was staying under calorie although not doing much exercise. Then Valentines day came and there was chocolates then the following day was my birthday cake then the following day sweets for my birthday. No one forced me to eat them but eat them I did and I went well over my calorie allowance. I did get put and walk yesterday and really did well but I think it was too little too late.
Onto the weigh in, I gained 1lbs. Not happy about it but it’s was me and I will own it. I am motivated and back on track from tomorrow. This week will be testing as it’s the week there is the least am out of healthy food in the house as we doing or shopping on Friday. I am going to do my best to pick the healthier choices but I will definitely be staying under calories. Also I am going to give myself an exercise goal of 500 calories burned per day. If I want a day of no exercise then I need to make it up over the other days. So in total at the end of the week I want a 3500 calories burned.
This is where I got to last year and kept failing I couldn’t get out of the 160 but I will before the end of February. I am determined I have to get this weight off this year once and for all

Thank you for reading. x

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