Motivational Monday

This week is the first week in a long time that I have looked forward to telling you about it. That is mainly down to the fact that I have stuck to my calories and exercised exactly the way I should. Every other week I have either not done enough exercise or I have eaten over my allowance. Well this last week every day has be under calories (with the exception of today its treat day). So I have a little red heart in each of the boxes. I also managed to exercise a little most days which was walking or housework.

I had also set myself a few tasks which I managed  and to add some extras. I changed all the bedding, washed all the windows, scrubbed the bathroom, tackled the ironing basket and even flipped my mattress I set a reminder to do it again in 3 months time. I also blogged 3 times last week as I remembered the picture for food Friday. The final thing I wanted to do was lose 2.8lbs to get my loss to 10lb for Valentines day I am over the moon because I have now lost 11lb so surpassed my goal. Totally feel motivated!!

The next goal I have set myself is to round my weight loss up to a stone (14lbs) by my weigh-in on the 3rd of March. That gives me 21 days more than enough. I also have some mini tasks for myself this week. I want to scrub down my kitchen not that its dirty but wash cupboard doors and tops, wash all floors, take down and wash all curtains, keep onto of ironing and again blog 3 times.

I plan on doing almost the same thing this week with regards to losing weight but I want to try and get in a bit more exercise. I have to say I am actually starting to enjoy this weigh loss program now!!

I have included some comparison pictures I can see a little difference but I plan on adding these each time I lose 10lbs.

Thank you for reading and I will be back for Waffling Wednesday.

I hope your week was good too. x


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