Motivational Monday

So its time for me to check in with how my weight loss is going.

This week I haven’t given it my all there have been more days of doing nothing and eating poorly than there have been of healthy eating and activity.

I don’t feel myfitnesspal is working for me anymore the way it used to so what I am going to do is still use it for the calorie counting and that but I bought myself a ruled note book which I am going to record my food and exercise in. I think because its in my phone and no one can see it I’m not as accurate or mindful as I would be if my book was lay out on the counter. I think this kind of accountability would work better for me.

So onto the weigh in. I stayed the same but I’m happy with that if I had lost anything I wouldn’t have felt I deserved it.

This is the plan of action for this week.

  • Write down everything I eat and when.
  • Exercise in some form everyday (using a workout from fitness channel 282 on sky, the exercise bike or walking)
  • Drink more water.

I have also joining in with  #committogetfit with a few other lovely ladies I will link each of their you tube channels below. For the most part the group isn’t about losing weight but about moving more and improving your fitness the weight loss is an added bonus. If you have joined leave me your links in the comments below and I will check you out.

Thank you for reading. x





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