Blogging mojo!!

Hi everyone just a quick update to let you know that from Monday I will be going back to posting 3 time per week within the same context as before. In case you don’t know what that was and days i will list it below.

Motivational Mondays which will be an update on my health and weight loss journey. I will cover any health issue I am having also my weekly weigh in also what I am doing what’s working and what’s not. I will also include picture from our walks, myfitnesspal, endomondo or progress shots.

Waffling Wednesday which will be about anything from reviews on product or services to tag posts. I don’t profess to be a guru or expert but I will give my honest opinion on them. It may just be a post on a new handbag (I like buying them). This post won’t always have pictures but if its a review or new purchase then I will try to include them.

Food Friday this will be what I am eating that day or if I have found a recipe I think you will like and benefit from. I’m not a great cook but I like to have a go. This post will included pictures of the food I am discussing.

If you have any suggestions or request feel free to leave them below.

Thanks for reading x


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