Waffling Wednesday

I have decided that I will post 3 times per week.

Monday Motivation

These post will be the post will be the same as I have been doing. They will cover my diet exercise and health. Any ups or downs I am having and also my weigh-ins.

Waffling Wednesday

These will be random posts from tags product review movies I’ve seen television programs I am loving. Mainly just me waffling.

Food Friday

These post will take one of two formats I will either be showing you the food we buy or similar to “what I ate Wednesday” post that people do. I will take pictures of each of my meals and snacks and talk you through them.

You may find it a tad annoying the way I am titling them but I  think it will make it easier to know what to expect from the posts.

Sorry this is such a short post. One other thing to note is that the post for each of the days should be up no later than 10pm as none of them can really be typed up a scheduled and I would need to wait till my daughter was in bed to work on them.

Thanks for reading. x


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