Need to be more conscious!!!

This week I did the 5:2. The times where I was fasting actually went well. It was the other days that were the problem I just have to get back into the habit of being more conscious before I eat and tracking everything.
This week I am doing my fasting Thursday 8am till Friday 8am. Then Sunday through to Monday.  This way when I track for the day on my fitness pal I can see clearly what I ate during my fast. Also this might help me get back into tracking.
I went back to the place I weighed in last time and their scales are needing calibrated.  I had apparently grew 2 inches and gained 4st in 3 weeks. I almost died. I am going to invest in some home scales. I believe I have around 30lbs to lose. So gonna work from there.
I have also taken measurements and pictures of myself in my in my ill fitting jeans. (These are the ones I bought before I gained the weight back.)
Tomorrow I am going shopping to pick up some vegetables to make my own soup and plenty fruit. I am going to try and not have things in the house that I would usually over eat on. I am hoping that having my own scales and being more conscious I will be able to see some results for this new way of life after all its not a diet but a lifestyle.
I am going to start posting every week on a thursday. Till next week I hope your journey is going well.

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