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Weigh-in number 8

So its week 8 think things are starting to become more habit now and my will power has stepped up. Sometimes I find myself in the kitchen about to have something that I know will make tracking the rest of the day difficult but instead of my old mentality saying screw it just eat it there’s always tomorrow I find myself putting it back or having a smaller portion.

This week has been amazing I didn’t even really notice the calorie drop. Which probably means it was a really good thing. I managed to track all week and stay in my calories not using any that I had earned.  I have also found that I enjoy fruit tea more than standard British tea in particular Twining moment of calm in cherry and cinnamon.

On Sunday my mum and nephew joined us on our walk think they were shocked at how long we walk for and how few stops we make. Don’t think my nephew will be coming again any time soon.

Now on to today’s weigh-in I lost 4lb (that’s right 4lb) which is amazing and means I have lost over 1 stone since January and am 2lb away from losing 10% of my body weight.

I decided the way I would treat myself for losing the stone was a long hot soak in my expensive bubbles and face mask. Which felt amazing and I am now ready to tackle the next stone.

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I am a married SAHM of two from Dundee, Scotland. I am currently trying to lose weight while living with rheumatoid arthritis. My husband and I are ttcing in the hope of having one more baby.

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